LDV Deliver 9 Steel Roof Rack Tradesman Style 3000x1600mm

$ 1,249.00

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1. My driveway is sealed with an even surface
2. There is reasonable vehicle access with height clearance.
3. I acknowledge the delivery is to the front door, carport, or closest practical delivery point as deemed by the driver.


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SKU 1172/85xx-2-1 Category


LDV Deliver 9 Steel Roof Rack Tradesman Style 3000x1600mm

This Rack has no mesh flooring. 


Item Description

Tradesman style open ends design (front & back open) comes with side rails only; it allows you to load long and bulky Items i.e. long timber, ladders, boats, kayaks, and plaster sheets etc.

Loading Capacity

Increase your vehicle’s loading capacity and $ave in fuel. The alloy rack is at least 40% lighter than steel racks with the same strength.  It is ideal for a coastal and salty environment.

It can load the maximum loading allowed by your vehicle. In many cases, it is no more than 170kg (Please seek advice from your vehicle manufacturer to confirm). The roof rack by itself is over-engineered to take more than 400 Kg with an evenly distributed load.

Standard Specifications & Features

  1. Frame &Internal Crossbarsmade of 32mm round alloy tube.
  2. Quality of weld: smooth professional welding all around.
  3. Low profile design: the height of the rack is 160 mm. It enables you to avoid creating extra height and getting stuck in height limited car park/garage.
  4. Alloy Tube: everything is made of alloy except the mounting brackets which are made of Steel.
  5. Powder-coated:  in black for longer durability.
  6. Internal Crossbarsmade of 32mm round tube with wall thickness of 3mm; Upper Frame is 25mm.
  7. Pre Drilled Mounting holes on sidebars to attach side awning.
  8. Unique double crossbars for every mounting point to create extra support; it is ideal for serious four-wheel driving and on corrugated roads.
  9. Pre Welded Load Rollers Brackets to Install Load Rollers: Rollers are optional  $140 For a Pair                                            
  10. Size=3000×1600 x160 mm (LxWxH) (Height of bracket has to be added the calculate final height and clearance)
  11. Net Weight=47 kg Approximate   

Additional information

Weight 55 kg
Dimensions 185 × 165 × 22 cm


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